Timo Scheiber

Timo Scheiber running his Peterson Sawmill.Name: Timo Scheiber
Location: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Mill: 8″ 27hp Kohler WPF
Add ons: Large frame, Hi/Lo, 32ft of track, lap siding attachment, log dogs

Operation: Custom mobile milling. Right now – fir beams and wideboard fir/maple flooring.

Best feature: The Hi track. No lifting logs over the track (reducing the risk of causing damage), and no sawdust build-up, keeping them nice and clean. A well thought out and useful part of the cutting system.

Tip: If you are thinking of running as a business (production orientated), get the biggest engine you can afford. The log handling and board handling is critical for production and safety. And while going solo is certainly viable, I think to really tap the production potential of these machines day after day, one needs some support equipment and a helper.

Last words: High production is a function of quality equipment working in efficient systems.

Timo Scheiber milling Big Leaf Maple log with his Peterson Sawmill.

Timo and his team are working through a Big Leaf Maple log here, on one of his custom milling jobs.

Timo Scheiber milling oversize log with his Peterson Sawmill.

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