Walebarasialia Tobata

Walebarasialia Wale TobataPreferred name: Wale Tobata
Location: Malaita, Solomon Islands
Mill: 2004 10″ 20hp Honda ATS
Add ons: 5 ton pulleys 

Operation: When I first got the mill, we were milling just for the domestic market and for houses that my company was building in the Solomon Islands. Some of our milled products were also being exported to Brisbane, Australia. In 2006 I started a company called IFGE Ltd, we have been milling for community high schools funded by the European Union. In February 2007 we will start milling to export to Brisbane again.

Best feature: The mill being very light and versatile to go on any slope.

Tip: It is important that millers are aware of all the safety features of the machine.

Motto: Always look for new and better ways to work with your Peterson Portable Sawmill.

Walebarasialia Tobata employees cutting a Pometia log.

Wale’s employees cutting a Pometia log, with him in the background over seeing everything

Walebarasialia (Wale) Tobata & his employees set up the Peterson Sawmill.

Wale’s operation gives Glen, Buana and Gibson all an employment opportunity. They’re setting up to mill a Pometia log.

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