Electric Winch

Make vertical adjustments with the push of a button. Work smarter, not harder

Peterson Electric Winch

Optional with the WPF, or standard with the ASM model, the electric winch allows touch button control of the track height. Not only does it make for faster resetting, but sizing is more accurate due to raising and lowering the sawmill at the same time.

The electric winch is an easy retro fit to most WPF and DWS mills, and as an upgrade on new mills. It saves both time & money with faster vertical sizing adjustments. This minimizes the need to walk to the winch to adjust vertical measurements. And also eliminates time spent on manual winching.

Watch this video and see for yourself, the efficiency of an electric winch, and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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  1. Ian Schultz says:

    We own an old WPF mill and would like to up grade to an electric winch if the price is ok as we only use it part time more as hobby mill but get the odd job offered to us. The old manual raising and lowering still works but I’m getting older and the fun goes out of it after several hours.

  2. Tim Coppinger says:

    Hello, I own a WPF and live in Western Massachusetts. I’m looking to buy an electric winch to increase my production. Could I get a price and availability shipped to me?

    • Maurice van Liempd says:

      Hi Tim, it’s great to hear from you. We have forwarded your request to our American agent, Sawyer’s Choice. They will get in touch with you soon. Best, Maurice

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