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Peterson Sawmill Feature – Rigid Track System

Take on logs of any length

Rigid Track System sawmill

The Junior Peterson, Winch Production Frame, Dedicated Wide Slabber and Automated Swingblade Mill have all been designed with a rigid track system. This allows for simple track extensions (available as optional extras) for these particular models. (Extensions for the ASM must be included at time of mill order.)

rigid track systemThese Peterson sawmills come with standard tracks that can cut logs up to 6m (20ft) or 4m (13ft) on the JP. However the manual mills can have unlimited track extensions without compromising accuracy or portability.

Many custom sawmillers have used such a ‘runway’ of tracks to fill niche markets and obtain lucrative beam orders.

Another option is the efficient double-track sawmilling set up as shown in the image on the right. Cut extra long logs, or load and prepare a second log while your first is being sawn at the operator’s end, which will roughly halve your log-loading downtime.

If you have any questions about the track systems used by Peterson Sawmills, please leave a comment below or contact our sales team.

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  1. Gail Aiken says:

    We’ve got a JP and are considering some options for a project we’re doing. How much do track extensions cost?

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