Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Hi/Lo Track Set-Up

Peterson’s patented Hi/Lo track set-up comes standard on the ASM models, and as an optional extra on the WPF. The Hi/Lo tracks allow the operator to either load logs over the track on the low side, or roll logs under the high track, giving the utmost in versatility for mobile or fixed site applications.

Below is a diagram of the ideal fixed site track set-up for an ASM or WPF being run in a commercial operation – click to enlarge. If you have any questions about the diagram, or your own mill set-up, please leave a comment below.

Fixed Site Diagram for Hi/Lo Track Set-up.

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  1. If you wished to switch to lo/lo what do you do for castors on the one side? It seems the rollers are on the top on one side, do you just un bolt them and bolt them on the bottom?

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