Hi/Lo Track Set-Up

sawmill Track SystemPeterson’s Hi/Lo track set-up comes standard on the ASM models, and as an optional extra on the WPF. The Hi/Lo tracks allow the operator to either load logs over the track on the low side, or roll logs under the high track, giving the utmost in versatility for mobile or fixed site applications.

Below is a diagram of the ideal fixed site track set-up for an ASM or WPF being run in a commercial operation. If you have any questions about the diagram, or your own mill set-up, please leave a comment below.

sawmill track set up

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  1. Nigel Speedy says:

    Hi Peterson,
    It looks like you have to remove the Hi Track supports to load a log underneath.
    1. How easy is this? How long does it take?
    2. It seems like the cut board is between the log and Hi Track side. How do you remove beams that are too heavy to be lifted by hand?
    3. Can you swap the direction of the mill so the cut board is closer to Lo Track?

    • Liam Dijk says:

      Hi Nigel, thanks for your enquiry. Our USA based agent Sawyers Choice will be in touch with you soon to help explain how our mills work and the best way to set them up. Cheers, Liam

  2. Tim says:

    Is the WPF as stable with tracks both low as with the Hi/Low setup?

    • Maurice van Liempd says:

      Hi Tim, yes the WPF offers the same great stability with any track configuration. Let us know if you have any further questions. Best, Maurice

  3. If you wished to switch to lo/lo what do you do for castors on the one side? It seems the rollers are on the top on one side, do you just un bolt them and bolt them on the bottom?

    • Maurice van Liempd says:

      Hi Stephen, our WPF left-hand end-frame has carriage rollers mounted at the top and bottom. This makes the task of switching from Hi/lo to Lo/Lo simpler. There’s no need to un-bolt carriage rollers and move them from the top to the bottom of the left-hand end-frame. Hope this helps.

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