Focus On: Nathan Waterfield, Custom Sawmiller

Layla Robinson

Nathan Waterfield chopping at a competition.Nathan Waterfield is based in New York state, USA and owns timber services business Timberworks Milling. 

Not only is Nathan a miller and long time friend of Peterson Sawmills, but he is also a Timbersports competitor and family man who has built his own home with lumber cut using his Peterson Winch Production Frame.

An arborist by trade Nathan brings new meaning to the term ‘living life to the full’. By the age of 29, Nathan had worked incredibly hard to establish himself as an American lumberjack, business owner, builder, family-man, and as an all-round good guy. He has done what most people hope to achieve in a lifetime and demonstrates through his story that life truly is for living.

This article documents Nathan’s life, from growing up in Pennsylvania and spending a lot of time with his Grandparents, to moving to New York state to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Forest Resource Management. From there, Nathan began competing in the Stihl Timbersports Series, met his future wife and started a business.

Read all about Nathan’s journey here.

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