The Great Peterson Sawmill Demo Day 2015

Sawmillers to demonstrate the innovation of portable swingblade mills

New Zealand company, Peterson Portable Sawmills set to showcase product range on two continents.

The Great Peterson Sawmill Demo Day is coming to multiple locations in New Zealand, Australia the USA and Canada on Saturday August 1st 2015.

Each demonstration will be conducted by a Peterson Portable Sawmill owner on their property or milling site between 10am and 2pm. Visitors will be treated to a live demonstration where they will see how a Peterson swingblade sawmill is operated, learn how to get the best out of each log and discover owner’s tips, tricks, site set up recommendations and more.

Peterson Portable Sawmills are the original designer of the portable swingblade sawmill and have been manufacturing and distributing worldwide for over 25 years. Although the company have a well-known reputation for quality products and service, the swingblade technology is still somewhat ‘new’ to sawmillers who are more familiar with band saw type portable mills.

A Peterson swingblade sawmill uses a single thin kerf circular blade which pivots 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical position. Each cut intersects at a precise point resulting in perfectly dimensional boards as the operator makes their way through the log. The blade can be sharpened on the mill and is long lasting with some customers claiming their blades have lasted over a decade.

“A Peterson mill can be operated even if you are new to sawmilling,” Peterson’s mill expert, Jamie Otter says. “You don’t have to worry about hook and set angles, blade tension or speed, gullet depth, turning the log or how clean the log is. Our range is designed with ease-of-use in mind while retaining the quality Petersons are known for. That’s why we organise The Great Peterson Sawmill Demo Day and other demos every year, because these efficient machines have to be seen to be believed.”

Each demo location will feature at least one mill model in operation; from the company’s latest offering the Junior Peterson, to the ultra-portable All Terrain Sawmill, the flagship Winch Production Frame or the ultimate in high production the Automated Swingblade Mill.

Demonstrations will be held in the following locations:

Rotorua, New Zealand
Eungella, QLD Australia
Cherry Valley, NY United States
East Palestine, OH United States
Bainbridge, OH United States
Oakland, MD United States
New Castle, VA United States
Princeton, KY United States
Aikin, MN United States
Meeker, CO United States
Volcano, CA United States
Pembroke, ON Canada

For further event information on the Demo Day, or to RSVP visit the Peterson Facebook page:

For product and company information visit the Peterson website:

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