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Peterson Sawmills’ US prices at four year low

Chris and Kerris Browne, with the Peterson ATS Sawmill. Now at the lowest US prices since 2011The fluctuating exchange rate is currently in favour of customers in the USA so Peterson Sawmills are offering their products at the lowest US prices in four years.

The global economy’s ebbs and flows are difficult to predict. Peterson play it fair for both parties by having a set price list as a base to work from, while lowering personalised quotes wherever possible to reflect the current exchange rate.

But with 1 NZD now equating to .68c USD, the company have altered their base pricing for the USA and Canada. Peterson mills are now the lowest price they’ve been in the USA since January 2011.

Peterson CEO Kerris Browne explains…

“When the USA, Canada and Australia went through the recession, our economy in New Zealand held strong. It was great for our importers, who went on holiday in the North and brought back lots of goodies.

It wasn’t so good for us trying to sell to you though. For example, in 2012 our 1 NZD bought .82c USD. That means when we exported a $17,000 NZD machine to the USA, we had to sell it for $13,940 USD.

Now, the tables are turning. Your economies are slowly getting stronger, and ours has suddenly fallen.

Our largest two exports (timber and diary) have fallen miserably due to a glut on the International market in large part because of the demise of the Chinese economy and their reduced purchasing. Our New Zealand producers are now getting barely HALF what they got for milk and trees two years ago. I know of farmers walking off their farms and loggers going bust – my neighbor has laid off all his logging crew and is renting one of our mills to contract-cut, as he has been told there is no logging available at least until the end of the year.

BUT that means our dollar is weaker, and buys less of your dollars now. For example, our 1 NZD now buys only .68c USD. So the same $17,000 NZD sawmill, can now be sold for the lesser price of $11,560 USD.

Here’s a little graph to show you what the USD/NZD has been doing the last 3 years.

The result of the struggling New Zealand dollar is I still get my $15K NZD, and you get a cheaper sawmill!

If you are considering purchasing the premium brand of portable swingblade sawmills, I recommend you contact my mill specialists today and get your hands on a quote*.

I look forward to having you a part of the extended Peterson family.”

– Kerris Browne, CEO Peterson Portable Sawmills

To request a copy of the updated pricelist for the USA or Canada please complete this short form.

For more information on the Peterson Portable Sawmills product range, visit the website.

To request an official quote, contact Peterson’s mill specialists.

*Quotes will be valid for 14 days

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  1. Anoop EV says:

    Looking for a portable saw mill for sawing coconut palm wood for a project in Kerala, South India. Can I have the specs and price information please

  2. Stan Duncan says:

    Would like a price list of all mills and accessories. After watching your videos on the double cutting process I’m definitely leaning towards your mill verses the Lucas. I had a Lucas in the past and loved it. A lot will hinge on cost though. Thanks and I wish you a prosperous New Year. Stan

  3. Eric Faudemer says:

    Please send me your catalogue and price list. We need a sawmill for french Guyana, South America.
    Best regards.

  4. I am looking for a saw mill that cuts6 feet slabs can you send me a priceless how long would it take to ship to Scranton Pennsylvania

  5. adrian krueger says:

    Hello can I have a price list of your mills and accessories. Thank you.

  6. mark drye says:

    Need a price list of mills and slabbers

  7. Lyman Martin says:

    trying to get price on slabbing sawmill but hard to get one or communication from you guys

  8. pat green says:

    please send me a complete price list of all of your mills, and accessories a long with a catologue asap


    Pat Green
    Wood International works

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