Kerris Browne, Peterson Portable Sawmills CEO

22 October, 2015

Kerris Browne - Taupo Half IronmanHi, I’m Kerris, the (apparent) CEO of Peterson Sawmills…. 😉

While I have owned and operated Peterson Portable Sawmills for over 20 years, I’m probably more often spotted in the mountains of the Whakarewarewa Forest than the office these days!

At first running was just a way of relieving the stress of owning a business. But these days my trail running has become a real passion, one that I have to be careful still balances with my family and my work as well.

You may think that with running an export company and trail running (and coaching – a ‘full time’ hobby), I wouldn’t have time for much else. But when I go home at night it’s not the couch calling, it’s one of our many farm animals wanting to be tended to. Currently we have chickens, pigs and sheep. Oh, and we’re looking for a new rabbit too if you know of one in the Rotorua area?

Peterson Sawmills Building a PlayhouseMy busy life doesn’t stop there, my husband and I with the help of our two children also run Aria’s Farmlet Accommodation where we provide Bed & Breakfast from within our home as well as rent holiday home cottages located at the back of our property!

Even with all this going on, Peterson Portable Sawmills remains a main focus as my staff and I strive to bring the best quality products and best service to our customers all over the world.

So now I’ve been asked to start a blog about my sawmilling business, and I’m really glad! Not only will it allow me to reflect on my business decisions, but also share some valuable insights with our sawmill owners and those that have businesses of their own.


Until next week…

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