Great Portable Sawmill Shootout 2015 Results

Peterson Portable Sawmills entered two sawmills in the 2015 Great Portable Sawmill Shootout held in Ohio.

Peterson Sawmills at the Great Portable Sawmill Shootout The Independent Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine has brought The Great Portable Sawmill Shootout to the world as part of the Paul Bunyan Show in Ohio for many years. It is an event that Peterson always try to attend as it is the one place you can almost guarantee that all top sawmill manufacturers will be every two years.

While the Great Portable Sawmill Shootout isn’t promoted as a ‘competitive event’, all sawmill manufacturers see it as a great way to gauge their product’s performance against competitors. This year, Petersons are elated with the performance of their Winch Production Frame and Junior Peterson.

The key result received by the company, is that the Winch Production Frame set a Shootout Record for the Swingblade mill with the ‘highest production rate‘ of 988 board feet (BF) per hour!

The only thing missing from the results are a comparison of the materials and features of each sawmill. Peterson sawmills are the original designers of the world’s first portable swingblade mill and are continuously refining their products to make them easier for the operator to use. Not only that, we use quality materials and have some user-friendly accessories and upgrades available. We do offer somewhat of a comparison document which you can download and print for reference if researching a sawmill purchase.

Dave Boyt from the Independent Sawmill & Woodlot magazine has accompanied all manufacturer’s results with articles and interviews in the December 2015/January 2016 issue. For a full Report of the Shootout, please click this link (PDF).


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