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March 21 2016

Harris Sawing Equipment - Agents for Peterson Portable Sawmills

The team at Harris Sawing Equipment

New Zealand manufacturers Peterson Portable Sawmills have today announced their partnership with Harris Sawing Equipment cc, who will supply the high quality, durable sawmilling machines to South African customers.

Harris Sawing Equipment cc are manufacturers of sawblades for the African market, also supplying products to South America, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Russia and the UK. They have customers running a range of portable sawmills. In May 2015, when a customer requested 20 swingblade mills, they had no hesitation in recommending Peterson Portable Sawmills.

“As a company we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products we can for our customers; quality rather than quantity, so naturally my first choice when responding to our customer’s request was to contact Peterson”, said director Michael Harris.

Peterson Portable Sawmills are the original designer of the commercial swingblade sawmill for portable applications and have been refining their design for 30 years. Their products include full milling packages for a range of uses from part-time milling to productive commercial operations.

Peterson’s factory are currently building the first container load to be shipped to Harris Sawing Equipment, and company CEO Kerris Browne couldn’t be happier with the partnership.

Kerris and Chris Browne of Peterson Sawmills proud to sign new sawmill distributor in South Africa

Peterson CEO Kerris Browne with husband and Production Manager, Chris Browne.

“While we have sold individual mills in South Africa, Petersons have not been represented by a professional entity for over a decade. We certainly knew there was market potential, but hadn’t had a chance to ‘test the waters’ yet. When Michael contacted me with his interest in becoming an agent, I was excited but a little apprehensive based on our previous experiences with South African distributors, but almost immediately I could see that Michael really knew his stuff.”

Mrs. Browne discovered that Harris Sawing Equipment cc had been in business since 1979 with family history in the industry dating back to 1919 and would make an ideal sawmill distributor in South Africa.

“Michael had initially contacted us because he saw the value in our quality range and mill features and wanted to offer this to his customers. Once he had informed me of his intention to offer outstanding after-sales service to our customers, something we hold in very high regard, I knew we would work well together.”

Mr. Harris has since run local advertisements to test the market, which has eventuated in receiving pre-orders for his first container shipment of Peterson Sawmills, to be delivered in May 2016.

Peterson Production Manager, Chris Browne, will be visiting Mr. Harris in June to provide staff training and to assist with the WoodEX for Africa timber industry trade show being held from 9 – 11 June 2016. Harris Sawing are planning to operate the WPF 827 at Stand No.1 in the outdoor exhibition area. Peterson’s Junior Peterson (JP), Winch Production Frame (WPF) and All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) will also be on display.

Harris Sawing Equipment - Sawmill Distributor in South AfricaSAWMILL DISTRIBUTOR IN SOUTH AFRICA
For information about Harris Sawing Equipment cc, call +27 (0)11 496 1334, email enquiries@harrissawing.com or visit the company website www.harrissawing.com. Find them on Facebook.

For more information on Peterson Portable Sawmills call +64 7 348 0863, email info@petersonsawmills.com or visit the company website www.petersonsawmills.com. Find them on Facebook.

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  1. greg says:

    I would like to know what a portable mill cost as I want to cut planks out in the bush to be able to containerise them.What is the weight,length and height for transportation,do you also sell reliable chainsaws ?Can I get prices and do you have stock available?

  2. Peet Boshoff says:

    Are you a supplier for the EZ Boardwalk 40?

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