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Stuff-up of the Year!

Ok so we are real human beings. We make mistakes… sometimes.Apologetic gift of Wine

Someone didn’t tell someone else something, and a part gets missed from the shipment. We apologize to the customer, courier the missing bits, and have a staff meeting to see how we can change things for the better next time. One more thing I must add to the 98-point checklist – did I tell you my husband hates paperwork?

But then.

I get a call from our UK Agent, LogLogic. He is in the middle of repairing a customer’s mill and is installing a brand new gearbox for him. From stock. That came from us. Nice and shiny one. Apparently it is leaking oil.

OK so occasionally if gearboxes are on the shelf for a while – and yes they are stored without oil – sometimes the seals dry up a bit and lose their seal. We advise him to open it up and have a look. Our midnight is his morning… the next morning’s email leaves me open-mouthed.

A complete MESS of a gearbox! UN-BEE-F-ING-BELIEVABLE! There is no WAY my staff could have put something like that out. Chris is off jaunting around the globe somewhere, so I barrel into the factory like a bull in a china shop. WHAT-THE-F HAPPENED WITH THIS ONE???

It takes about an hour of analyzing photos and looking at the innards of a gearbox piece by piece, and speaking to everyone who may have been remotely involved, and even tracing documents from more than a year ago. Someone finally remembers something and the penny drops…


Yes, the one we use to train new staff on how to assemble gearboxes. The one we’d taken apart and put together umpteen times…and which had remnants of two different sealant colors from when we changed brands over time…the one with ‘spare’ holes drilled in the wrong side and filled back up with sealant so we could continue training on it…the one with metal filings inside to show what happens when filings and bearings mix. The one that hadn’t even been bolted together fully so we could open it up again easily but didn’t come back to as the new staff were on to the production line by now…the one that our staff of “tidy kiwis” obviously came across and took the initiative to put back on the stock shelves where it ‘belonged’.

Graham, I hope the attached apology relieves some of your headache – Yeah Rite.


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