Sawmill Sander Disc for Peterson Portable Sawmills

The Peterson sawmill sander is designed to provide your milled product with a perfectly smooth surface. The first step for a splinter-free finish is to use the Peterson planer. Then swap the planer head with the sawmill sander to achieve the ultimate smooth finish.

The Peterson sander has been trialled by key Peterson customers to ensure that this add-on meets commercial quality requirements. Troy Swift from Swift River Pecans LLC was one of the early sander testers :

“The sander is an essential item for anyone milling wood for big slab tables and bar tops. A professional furniture-maker may want to add their own hand-touched-finish for the table-top, but both the customer and I prefer that the initial ‘hard work’ is done with The Peterson Sander on my swingblade mill.”

The Peterson Sander comes in a kit which includes an instruction manual and a range of sandpaper grits. The sander head has been designed to fit standard sandpaper discs available at any hardware store.

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