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Swingmill training at Peterson’s factory site in Rotorua

Swingmill training with your JP purchaseBefore you take your new Peterson mill home, we offer one-on-one swingmill training with a Peterson mill specialist. Our specialist will demonstrate mill operation and ensure you establish good routines for setting up and operating your new mill.

Of our current five models, the Junior Peterson (JP) is the simplest to set up as a “truly portable” sawmill. The JP’s design is based on Peterson’s most popular production model sawmill, the Winch Production Frame (WPF). Although smaller, the JP remains a robust piece of equipment with a lower price point.

Patrick Audet from Maine, USA, traded his Peterson Winch Production Frame for a Junior Peterson, “This model is the new Peterson Junior, but the word Junior is inappropriate. If you are milling high value lumber, this is the best mill in the world. It far exceeded my expectations as a former owner of a WPF and would be my preference regardless of where I was or what I was doing.”

Mill specialist Aaron Kalan giving swingmill trainingBoth JP and WPF models have one winch at the operator’s end which is used to raise and lower the parallel tracks that house the centre unit. Other swingblade mills have dual winches at each end of their mills which require the operator to walk to the far end to make vertical adjustments. To Peterson’s designers, this walking time was better spent milling. The single winch increases efficiency, particularly for a single operator.

In your swingmill training, one of our specialists will go through the set-up procedure and recommended safety-check-and-start routine with you, to familiarize you with Peterson’s swingblade design technology.  We will demonstrate and ensure you are confident about lining up the log and blade, making blade adjustments, and trouble-shooting any misalignments; understanding what needs to be modified to get the cut you want. One of the singular benefits of operating your own sawmill is getting timber in the specifications that you want, for your own projects.

Even when you think you know all there is to know about operating a sawmill, you will enjoy the hands-on experience of swingmill training with one of our Peterson mill operators.

Transporting your Junior PetersonFarmer Robert Crafar is a novice at full-time milling, though an experienced machine operator. After a day operating the new Junior Peterson in 2012, he commented, “The mill is really easy to operate. It took about 7 minutes to set up and I never had one problem – that wasn’t operator-induced anyway. I’m really impressed with how it works in the field.”

Peterson Portable Sawmills prefer to minimise the likelihood of operator-induced problems, by including the swingmill training in your mill purchase package. We welcome your user questions at the training stage to help us make incremental improvements to both training procedures and mill design.

All Peterson mills come with two blades and an electric diamond wheel sharpener with a jig that is pre-set to your blade size. As the entire Peterson sawmill range have electric start motors, the sharpener can be connected to the engine when needed.

Swingmill training so you can operate your JP with easeTraining on your Junior Peterson swingblade mill will cover use of the sharpening jig.  We will also demonstrate and help you identify the most efficient way to load your mill onto your vehicle or trailer, ensuring you have all the essentials for shifting and using the machine as a single operator.

Petersons offer lifetime phone and email support so that at any time, you are welcome to contact us to discuss technical or operational issues.

Peterson Portable Sawmills have the Junior Peterson available for New Zealand purchasers as part of a special package deal, which expires on 1 December 2016. The package consists of a Junior Peterson mill with standard Lo/Lo tracks as well as the Clip-on Slabber, Planer Blade and Sander Disc accessories.

The special price includes swingmill training on the Junior Peterson in Rotorua when you pick up your mill. FREE accommodation and breakfast at Aria’s Farm twin/share for two nights are also provided, PLUS OGO for two and Polynesian Spa Private Soak for two while you are in town.

If you are located outside of New Zealand, please contact our mill specialists for an obligation free quote.

Call Toll Free 0800 747 583 or email sales@petersonsawmills.com to learn how you can take advantage of Peterson’s Swingmill Training with a Junior Peterson package from Peterson Portable Sawmills.

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