FIELD RESULTS: 10/35 Winch Production Frame, our high production sawmill

Layla Robinson

Peterson Portable Sawmills’ manual high production sawmill is the Winch Production Frame (WPF). The WPF is ideal for custom sawyers or those wanting higher production when cutting their own timber for houses, sheds, fencing or woodworking.

Peterson’s mill specialist Chris Browne used a WPF fitted with a 10″ blade and 35hp motor on two recent milling jobs and gave us the statistics below (in NZ$). This shows just how quickly you’d be able to pay your sawmill off if you had work lined up. You’ll also find that once people find out you have a high production sawmill, you’ll have more friends than ever before!

To find out more about the WPF, visit our webpage for specifications and options.

If you have any questions, or would like to request an obligation free quote, please contact our mill specialists.

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  1. Brian says:

    Impressive numbers. I would suspect a decent amount of time was spent with off loading the cut beams from the log and bringing in the next log.

    While this is an interesting data point, it would be more meaningful if additional information was known. Ie Average diameter of logs milled (bigger logs yield more beams per log and less time spent moving the next log into the mill). How many additional crew members and support equipment were helping with this job?



    • Chris says:

      Hi Brian, logs varied as you may well know with macrocappa. I would say from 400mm up to 1 mtr.
      Length of logs from 2 mtrs to 4.8 mtrs.
      It was a clean up couple of days hence the vast difference in timber lengths etc.
      I use a Hyundai 290 with grapple to load in logs, find it quick and easy and this gives the tail out guy a rest as well.
      There is only 2 of us doing this.
      We do find that cutting the smaller …2 inch stock we can produce just as much if not more as the main sleeper size , this I put down to the fact that yes its easier for the person off bearing. I did a week with my 14 yr old son but cut the logs short so as to restrict the heavy moving.
      With him and this set up we cut just under the 5m3 average per day.
      Hope this helps .

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