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As well as being CEO of Peterson Portable Sawmills, I am passionate about helping people achieve fitness and health goals for themselves. I admit that I encourage them to commit to stretch-goals … if they want to train with me for a 10km event in three months, I also suggest a nine or 12-month stretch-goal might be an off-road half marathon.

For example, Sky recently joined our training group in January, wanting to be able to walk 5km by March and 10km by May. On Sunday, I entered Sky in her first-ever 10km trail-walk event, and together we walked the full distance. She doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a 16km trail event in November that she will probably be doing…

If they want to learn to swim or bike as well, I look for beginner triathlon events to enter.  Free coaching is available to everyone who signs up for the event, and we run a koha (donation) system that can pay for event fees if required. It’s basically about pushing yourself to get off the couch and achieve things you never thought possible; helping you on a journey to a fitter and healthier you.

In 2016, three members of my Jogging the Powerpoles Facebook community group nominated me (as the coordinator of Jogging the Powerpoles) for a 2017 Lotto Sportmaker Volunteer award. In February I was one of ten award recipients in the Bay of Plenty region!! We won $2000 of sportswear for the group.

Kerris Browne of Jogging the Powerpoles with her regional Lotto Sportmaker Award, 2017

Now there’s a PUBLIC VOTE to select the top 10 nationwide Lotto Sportmaker Volunteers by 10 March.

Please vote for me and the Jogging the Powerpoles group by clicking VOTE on my photo on the Lotto Sportmaker page.

You can vote once a day, every day, until (and including) Friday 10 March 2017.  One of the Sport Maker finalists will also win the ultimate team experience, which could be a team trip, elite coaching or a club day. It would be amazing to share and celebrate the successes of our beginner athlete group with the ultimate team experience, supported by Lotto Sportmaker.

Our coaching schedule (events and training) are available on the Jogging the Powerpoles Facebook page. Please join us if you have fitness goals, and please vote for Kerris Browne of Jogging the Powerpoles, at Lotto Sportmaker so that our group can enjoy the ULTIMATE JOGGING THE POWERPOLES TEAM EXPERIENCE together.

Thank you for supporting our volunteer community.


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