The Peterson paid for my wedding

“Dear Peterson Sawmills,

I really wanted to let you know how great my Peterson has worked out for me. I also hope others might be able to benefit from what I have learned.

As you know I was well equipped for the smaller logs as I work with a Swedish company selling smaller mills. But as my knowledge and professional needs grew I began to realize that I needed a bigger mill.

I needed something that could handle the really big pieces of Black Walnut, Cypress, and Eucalyptus.

lumber sawmill

Because I travel the sawmill circuits I could really compare all the different sawmills, one right along side the other. It did not take me long to realize that I did not want to go the way of the band mills. They just could not give me the solid simple performance that I wanted.

A few years back one of our design engineers from Sweden accompanied me to a show in Bangor, Maine (USA), a place where we compete each year against all the other top mills. I was talking to him about my need for higher production.

He had been out during the day checking out all the mills. There were over 25 in all. He told me that he was really impressed with the sawmill from New Zealand. I really valued his opinion so that’s when I began to keep an eye on the Peterson. One thing that really cut my attention right off was the solid feel of the metal. They use stainless steel and aluminum. Then that big circular blade that swings back and forth really got my heart pumping with anticipation.

I still took some time to finally make my decision, like any body looking for a mill, you really want to make sure you are making the right move.

“Well, that was over a year ago and I tell you, that Peterson has really been the greatest.

One thing I couldn’t believe was how easy it is to keep that blade sharp. The little sharpener they supply really works and gets the job done quick. I’ve gone out on quite a few pay jobs with the mill and really enjoy the simple quick set up.

But the greatest thing so far was affording a much greater wedding than we could ever afforded to pay for. I got to do a milling job in trade with a local private resort. After a few other small jobs, I took down three giant beetle dead ponderosa pines. The wood was in real good shape. I cut to their specks as their intentions was to rebuild one of their old cabins.

Needless to say they were excited to be able to do it using their own wood. I also had a great crew helping as I talked all my best men into helping out. We left them with huge stacks of wood all stickered, stacked, and looking beautiful.

We, on the other hand were able to get married and celebrate for three days in the most magical place we could ever have hoped for. And to top it off we got the use of a private lake with 24 fully equipped cabins for our family and friends.

Since the wedding I have just completed a huge deck cut from cypress logs over five feet in diameter. To be honest, I just couldn’t believe that we came and cut three of these monster logs. I had to trim the edge of the logs with a chain saw to make it fit.

I have to tell you I was dam impressed with that sawmill at the end of the day and I was pretty dam impressed with myself too. I stacked all the lumber neatly on the back of my big trailer then using my homemade crane I lifted the mill right on top of the whole thing. Now that’s the way to go home.”

Rob Bjorklund

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