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Did ewe know… we went on a cool adventure

It was a special weekend for our staff, where we took time out for a bit of socializing at our annual Staff Do.

Firstly, our local cycle tour company where Ezra now works – www.happyewetours.com – gave us a fabulous tour of the historical spots. Even though we live here, we all learned something new! Like how all the thermal pipes have to be replace annually due to sulphur corrosion. Did you know the only three metals not corroded by sulphur are gold, titanium and platinum? And can you guess which of those are extra-terrestrially made? Did you guess all three? Yep! None of those were made by the Earth, and in fact came from stars and supernovas. So we have a finite supply. Wow.

Then we all headed to the boss’ place at www.ariasfarm.com. There we feasted on Hangi, which is a traditional meal of meat and veges and stuffing, typically roasted over hot rocks in the ground. There we also recognized some really neat staff performances that stood out – Joyce for always remembering the little personal things, new recruit Greg for his enthusiasm and performance in sales, and Aaron Kalan for his 12 years of outstanding customer service with the company.

We work with such a great team, and look forward to continuing to provide YOU with outstanding products, service, and support.

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