Peterson Portable Sawmills updates CE Safety Certification

Peterson Portable Sawmills have recently updated the CE certification for all of their sawmills and sawmill accessories. The CE marking represents the internationally recognized standard for safety compliance, enabling the company to export its sawmills to the European Union.

CE Certification is accepted by countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. To attain it, companies must comply with all health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

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As part of this compliance process, technical assessments are made by a specialised, external organisation (“Notified Body”) on the construction and mechanics of the mills, their operation and risks. The entire process usually takes six months to a year to complete.

Peterson already had a strong commitment to safety and to manufacturing machines that would meet safety standards everywhere in the world. Meeting the stringent updated safety codes required in Europe was a logical next step.

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“We have always strived to produce a highly safe and high-quality product. We saw working towards the attainment of the updated CE certification as an integral part of our quality and control process. It is satisfying for us to know that we have not had to change the design or the way our mills work”, says Kerris Browne, CEO of Peterson Portable Sawmills.

In-house CAD Draughtsman Alan Hesom (pictured here together with Kerris) provided detailed circuit drawings for the emergency stops for the gasoline and diesel powered motors, which power the sawmills.

“Some sawmill manufacturers are not prepared to outlay the substantial investment of time and money into such a process”, says Kerris. “Others may tell you they have “self-certified” instead, misinterpreting the intentions of the EU Machinery Directive. The rules clearly require inspection and acceptance by an external, official Notified Body for sawing machinery or any other type of equipment which potentially places operators in an area of danger.”

All mills and sawmill accessories now leaving the Peterson factory in New Zealand will be CE certified according to the current standards. “Our company has always prioritised the safety of sawmill operators and ensured our products are safe and easy to use”, says Mrs Browne. “Our specialists train new owners to take utmost care when working with their portable sawmill and to make safety at the worksite an absolute priority.”

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  1. Alois -Johann Huser says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    melde mich für eine Anfrage.
    Gibts die “Junior Peterson (JP) auch mit Elektromotor?
    Habe ein Diesel Aggregat (Gecko 400Volt)
    Meine Idee ist mit der Schaukelfräse, schlecht zu
    spaltendes holz zu fräsen.
    Zb.abholzig, viele Äste oder Krummholz.
    Alles Meterware für Brennholz.
    Beim spalten gibts zu viel Ausschuss (ca 30%)
    Möchte in erster Linie nur Brennholz fräsen. 1 Meter
    Bitte Rückmeldung in deutsch, wenn möglich.
    Kann kein Englisch… bin in der Schweiz zuhause.
    Leider gibts auch keine Vertretung von (Peterson)
    im deuschsprachigem Raum.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen A. Huser

    • Hallo Grüssen, danke für Ihre Nachricht. Ich habe es an unser Verkaufsteam weitergeleitet, das Google Translate verwendet, um sich bei Ihnen zu melden. Viele Grüße, Layla

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