Sawing back to the USA!

New Zealand avoided most of the Covid-19 disaster that troubled larger countries, although it did cease international travel for several years. Throughout these turbulent times, the sawmill industry thrived, providing plenty of work for Petersons while the rest of the world dealt with the pandemic’s fallout.

Now, with the world gradually opening again, there’s a real eagerness amongst people to explore and embrace emerging technologies and new machinery.


Chris operating the ASM


Petersons’ factory manager Chris Browne explained “Many of our customers are staunchly ‘Old school’ – they’re not comfortable yet with cell phones and aren’t active on social media like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.”

“Because of this, it’s important for us to find ways to show our products to them in person.”

This focus on engaging with customers in person was further reiterated by CEO Kerris Browne.

“As with any premium product, our Peterson sawmills must be seen and operated to truly appreciate their real advantages, features, and ease of use. Fancy online posts and images don’t hold much value for the hardworking individuals running these machines all day. They need to physically interact with them to truly understand the difference. This is why attending agriculture and forestry expos is so important to us.” – Kerris Browne, CEO


Our Roadshow map of the West Coast


Currently, Petersons’ factory manager Chris Browne, and Distributor Darian, are on a tour of the West Coast of the USA, participating in different conferences and expos to demonstrate the Peterson sawmills live.

“It’s been quite some time since we last set foot on US soil, so we’re loving the opportunity to finally present our mills to the amazing crowds in California.” – Chris Browne, Factory manager

The last US road trip by Peterson Sawmills was way back in 2019. Since then, many improvements have been implemented, and the West Coast roadshow has provided the perfect platform to unveil them. We’re excited to be back Sawmilling in the USA!


This trip marks the debut of the ASM (Automated Swingblade Mill) on a US show circuit, and the feedback that’s been received has been phenomenal. We’re excited to be back Sawmilling in the USA, and our ASM sawmill is striking a chord with US buyers, to the extent that most units the Petersons distributor had in stock are already spoken for even before reaching their final show.

The ability to operate the mill from a stationary position, and receive the sawn board back to the operator, is the outstanding feature. Features such as, being able to sharpen the blade on the mill in under 3 minutes, blade flipping, board drag back, and sizing with the push of a button are what really separates the ASM from any other portable sawmills.

So far, the duo has attended the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference in Anderson, the Oregon Logging Conference in Eugene, and the World AG Expo in Tulare. The Redwood Region Logging Conference in Eureka, California will be the concluding show on their tour, where Chris and Darian will demo their mills from the 14th to 16th of March.


Sawmilling in the USA
Chris showcasing the ASM in Tulare!


As existing mill owners already understand, buying a Peterson’s sawmill isn’t just a one-off transaction; buyers need to now there is ongoing help when and if they need it. Petersons care immensely about the success of their customers in their sawmilling endeavours. The Peterson team often go beyond the call of duty to ensure owners get the best advice and training along the way.

Chris and Darian have been catching up with Petersons owners across the West Coast and offering their support where needed. Last week Chris battled the freezing cold snow to complete some one-on-one ASM (Automated Swingblade Mill) training with a customer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Sawmilling in the USA
The ASM being put to work in Wyoming!


Given the success of this trip, and our love of sawmilling in the USA! discussions are already underway for a Peterson East Coast Roadshow – watch this space.


If you’re wanting your own ASM, get in touch by contacting us at [email protected] (Outside US) or [email protected] (US Distributor).


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