Junior Peterson – The ultimate hobbyist sawmill

The JP (Junior Peterson) has been a staple in the Peterson line up since it was first introduced over a decade ago. Although it has come leaps and bounds from its first form, with the introduction of new technology and design modifications, its purpose and position within the portable sawmill industry remains the same: The ultimate hobbyist sawmill.

The JP is constructed of high-grade steels and aluminum finished in zinc and powder coating, making it incredibly rigid, and the design of the mill and its tracks allows you to access your logs from any point and double cut efficiently. All our mills are designed, built, and tested in-house; we do not source any parts from overseas other than the engine and gearbox, which cannot be said for all our competitors.


Hobbyist Sawmill


The price point of the JP is one of its standout features. Although the build quality and design of the JP are far superior to its competitors, it retains a price point up to $3,000 USD cheaper than their comparable 6-inch models.

The footprint of the Junior Peterson enables it to be industry leading in terms of portability and maneuverability. It weighs in at a miniscule 550lbs/300kg (Complete mill + tracks), which is nearly 50% less than the weight of a 6-inch Turbo saw with comparable specs (Engine size within 1hp, both 6”), which would weigh in at 945lb/430kg as per their website. This is an astronomical difference that has a huge impact on the portability and maneuverability of both mills. The JP can be set up and used efficiently by a single operator, and it can even be transported on the deck of a pickup/ute. The entire philosophy of a hobbyist sawmill should be centered around single person usability and capability, which the JP does better than any other.


Peterson JP - The ultimate junior hobbyist sawmill


As mentioned in a previous article, Peterson 6” blades are also industry leading for kerf, durability, and precision. The standard Peterson 6” cut blade has 5% narrower kerf than its closest swing blade/hobbyist sawmill competitor while retaining a 15% thicker plate size, and up to 32% narrower kerf than other swing blade competitors. What does that mean? A stronger blade, less tension, straighter boards, and less wastage.

When you factor in these important considerations, the Junior Peterson’s position in the hobbyist sawmill market becomes blatantly obvious – It’s the best in the world, no doubt about it.

Want to see witness the increased efficiency and incredible capability of a Peterson’s JP? Click here to watch one in action!

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