Peterson Portable Sawmills

All Terrain Sawmill by Peterson Portable Sawmills

The All Terrain Sawmill by Peterson Portable Sawmills was designed in the jungles of Fiji in the 1980s. It is the original commercial swingblade sawmill and continues to be popular in the Islands, and in other areas where the terrain is not level.

The ATS track design enables the mill to be set up on uneven ground, allowing the log to be cut to perfect dimensions. It can be carried into remote areas easily, and has been known to be transported by canoe, pulled by a donkey, and winched up steep inclines!

Making manual winch adjustments on Peterson custom-order portable sawmill

Photo shoot while testing custom-order portable sawmill

In February 2017, we had an opportunity to test a custom-order portable sawmill in photo-perfect conditions. This All Terrain Sawmill has…

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Miller Profile – Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing

Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing Mill model: 8″ 25hp All Terrain Sawmill Add ons: Remote area service kit, weatherboard attachment, EZ…

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Don Gerardo does most of the Peterson milling in Ecuador

Project Ecuador: Sustainable Harvesting Made Viable

EcoMadera finds sustainable harvesting success with Peterson No clear-felling, no ugly scars to the landscape, no erosion, no dirty rivers,…

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Tom Doepker

Name: Tom Doepker Location: Warren, Indiana, USA Mill: 8″ 25hp Kohler ATS Add ons: Lap sider, MicroKerf blade Operation: We…

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Karl Maser

Name: Karl Maser Location: Colorado USA Mill: 8 ” 27hp ATS Add Ons: Weatherboard attachment Operation: Karl operates a guest…

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Mike Pezzoli

Name: Mike Pezzoli Location: Paso Robles, CA, USA Mill: 2005 8″ 20hp Honda ATS Operation: Mike bought his ATS to…

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Robert Revnell

Name: Robert Revnell Location: Michigan, USA Mill: 2007 8″ 24hp Honda ATS Add ons: Weatherboard Attachment, Re-tipping Jig Operation: When…

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Chad Burrell

Name: Chad Burrell Location: Vermont, USA Mill: 2006 10″ 13hp Honda ATS Add ons: Three extra brace legs for better…

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Paul Van Steenberghe

Name: Paul Van Steenberghe Location: Maine, USA Mill: 2006 8″ 27hp Kohler ATS Add ons: Clip on slabber, Micro Kerf…

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Walebarasialia Tobata

Preferred name: Wale Tobata Location: Malaita, Solomon Islands Mill: 2004 10″ 20hp Honda ATS Add ons: 5 ton pulleys Operation:…

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