Peterson Portable Sawmills

Sawmill Cutting Techniques with Peterson Portable Sawmills

Learn about sawmill cutting techniques with Peterson Portable Sawmills’ range of high quality, efficient milling machines for anything from part-time milling to commercial operations. As the original designers of the world’s first commercial portable sawmill, Peterson have spent over three decades refining their range and working with mill operators so that they can get the best out of their mill.

Peterson’s swingblade design means that each board comes off the log individually, meaning you can be very selective regarding the ideal dimensions for the log type/size you are working with. You aren’t ‘stuck’ with one dimension across the entire width of the log.

Peterson owners are the best people to advise on ideal sawmill cutting techniques with their mills, so we’ll leave it with them to tell their stories… read on.

Junior Peterson Sawmill Field Test – Alan Coyle

The Junior Peterson is the latest model to join the production line at Petersons. It was the perfect solution for…

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Victor Chene, Dyna Lectric, Tahiti

Peterson Sawmills cutting Coconut Timber

Coconut timber is not easy to saw, as it is very hard wood, it splinters, and it is cross-fibred with…

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