Peterson Portable Sawmills

Sawmill Photos from Peterson Portable Sawmill Operators

The portable swingblade sawmill concept was designed by Peterson Portable Sawmills in the 1980s , however, the concept is still somewhat of a mystery to many, particularly in North America where portable bandsaw mills have taken centre stage. To help educate the public on how Peterson’s swingblade sawmills are operated, we regularly publish sawmill photos, videos and stories of Peterson operators all around the world.

Many of these photos can be found right here on our website, and also on our Facebook page where anything from part-time sawmilling to commercial mill operations, woodworking to home building, is shared to showcase the versatility of Peterson. If you see a product or setup that interests you, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or flick us an email.

If you have a photo that you would like to send in, email it to us today, we would love to be able to share your story!

Milling Australian Burl

Our State Representative Jim Whitaker recently went to the Maleny Wood Show. While at the show he milled up a…

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You Can Do Anything with a Peterson

This is the house that Estin Teter and his mate Jeff Sincell built with lumber milled on a Peterson sawmill.…

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A Very Productive Couple of Hours

Recently our California State Rep Jeff Meyer and his two mates Kyle Saunderson and Bryan Hauan went out milling, in…

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Hard Wood Made Easy Work

Recently our Senior Sales Consultant, Aaron Kalan, travelled to Pucallpa, Peru to help one of our Agents, Alex Chiu, with…

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An Icy Training Trip

Recently our CEO, Chris Browne, went on a trip to Nebraska USA, to train one of our new ASM owners,…

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Hard Day for Pepper

Pepper has had a hard day out in the field with her owner Landon Bussiere and is now having a…

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Beauty and the Beast

The mill is an 8″ WPF, and the model’s name is Karla Del Aguila. Karla was a Hostess at our…

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The Bigger the Better

As a company that thrives on giving the best customer service available, we don’t run our company or factory like…

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Tractor Pulling in Ohio, USA

In between trade shows on a recent trip to the USA, our Marketing Manager Layla Robinson and her boyfriend Robert…

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I am more pleased with my WPF, now than ever!

Jimmy Edwards went over to a mate’s place to see his new ASM, and he was quickly won over –…

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