Sawmill Photos from Peterson Portable Sawmill Operators

As it should be

Aah, this is how it should be. A beautiful sunny June day, with a group of mates, cutting a few

Layla’s Photo Diary

Well, the first show is over! We met some great people, enjoyed some great milling, and hopefully made a great

Playing around

It started with a casual comment from Scot’s wife that it would be nice to have a swingset for their

Ocean Milling

Chris DeStephano has been one of many able to take advantage of the millions of trees that were brought down

She’s a beauty

This was a first for Mark and Tammy Allen – a log that wouldn’t fit into their Winch Production Frame

And the old becomes new

An old smokehouse has been reborn with the help from a Peterson sawmill in West Virginia, USA. Built in 1901,

Just out of reach

One of our factory workers, Paul, is trying to adjust something on an old Automated Swingblade Mill but finds it’s

Taking a break

From Craig Blake . .. . Early morning misty rain mixed with wood smoke from the campgrounds… yet another year