Portable Sawmill Operator Profiles

For many, becoming a portable sawmill operator is a natural path, with generations of foresters, lumberjacks and woodworkers in their ancestry. For others, it’s a huge learning curve with many twists and turns on the way to becoming a proficient operator. Peterson Portable Sawmills are well aware of this, and that’s why we offer comprehensive manuals, instruction videos, and seven day a week phone support to new mill owners.

Once a Peterson Portable Sawmill operator is comfortable with his mill, we start receiving photos and stories from them documenting their journey. We’ve included some of these tales in our operator profiles which feature tips and tricks from mill owners along with their favourite sawmill features and more!

From part time sawmillers to custom sawyers to commercial operators… while their work stories differ, they still share passion for their machines and lumber. Peterson call this, sawdustitis!

Tom Doepker

Name: Tom Doepker Location: Warren, Indiana, USA Mill: 8″ 25hp Kohler ATS Add ons: Lap sider, MicroKerf blade Operation: We…

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Karl Maser

Name: Karl Maser Location: Colorado USA Mill: 8 ” 27hp ATS Add Ons: Weatherboard attachment Operation: Karl operates a guest…

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Karl Christensen

Name: Karl Christensen Location: St Johnsville, New York, USA Mill: 2002 8″ 24hp Honda WPF Add Ons: Weatherboard attachment Operation:…

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Chris Williams

Name: Chris Williams Location: Toowoomba, QLD, Australia Mill: 2007 10″ 27hp Kohler WPF Add ons: Weatherboard attachment Operation: Chris only…

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Mike Pezzoli

Name: Mike Pezzoli Location: Paso Robles, CA, USA Mill: 2005 8″ 20hp Honda ATS Operation: Mike bought his ATS to…

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Owen Burns

Name: Owen Burns Location: Eungella, QLD, Australia Mill: 2007 10″ 27hp Kohler WPF and 25hp Kohler DWS Operation: Owen mills…

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Robert Revnell

Name: Robert Revnell Location: Michigan, USA Mill: 2007 8″ 24hp Honda ATS Add ons: Weatherboard Attachment, Re-tipping Jig Operation: When…

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Nathan Dearyan

Name: Nathan Dearyan Location: Arkansas, USA Mill: 1997 9″ 24hp Honda WPF Add ons: Cant Hooks, Electric Winch Operation: Nathan…

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Jimmy Edwards

Name: Jimmy Edwards Location: Meadville, MS, USA Mill: 2005 8″ 27hp Kohler WPF Add ons: Hi/Lo Tracks, Log Dogs Operation:…

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Chad Burrell

Name: Chad Burrell Location: Vermont, USA Mill: 2006 10″ 13hp Honda ATS Add ons: Three extra brace legs for better…

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