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Portable sawmill news including articles from a variety of worldwide publications, as well as stories researched and written by members of the Peterson team. In this section of our website, we’ve also included business and general milling articles to give you more insight into the industry.

It pays to do your research when contemplating a sawmill purchase. Read portable sawmill news articles from every brand you’re looking into, discover what that brand’s operators say about their investment and find out about their favourite features.

Included in this section are blog posts from Peterson’s CEO, Kerris Browne (nee Peterson) who lets the reader into her life as the ‘boss lady’ of a majority male led industry, show’s the reader around her farm, introduces you to her family and more. Also included are results from Petersons’ entries into The Great Portable Sawmill Shootout over recent years, it’s worth checking out. Happy reading!

Peterson Portable Sawmills at Stand O16, SawTechLogExpo, Renfrew, Ontario.

Chris Browne in Canada to train new Peterson sawmill owners

My name has been mentioned in this blog a lot in the past, so I’ve decided to hijack it! I’m Chris…

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Setting up the Peterson Wide Slabber in Pete's front yard

Dedicated Wide Slabber working in Suburbia

Warning:  Dedicated Wide Slabber and Peterson film crew working in the suburbs! Pete is a Rotorua local who makes money out…

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Making manual winch adjustments on Peterson custom-order portable sawmill

Photo shoot while testing custom-order portable sawmill

In February 2017, we had an opportunity to test a custom-order portable sawmill in photo-perfect conditions. This All Terrain Sawmill has…

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Fast accurate production with Peterson's Commercial Mill

Commercial mill designed for fast production

Peterson’s Automated Swingblade Mill is a commercial mill, designed for fast and accurate timber production so you can work smarter,…

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Peterson Sander for Sawmill

Sawmill Sander Disc for Peterson Portable Sawmills

The Peterson sawmill sander is designed to provide your milled product with a perfectly smooth surface. The first step for…

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Compare Peterson and Lucas

Comparing Peterson and Lucas Portable Sawmills – by a guy who has both

As the current owner of both a Peterson 8” swingblade and a Lucas 8” swingblade, Bill Shore is uniquely qualified…

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Sawmilling in Australia, Living His Dream

Sawmilling as a Lifestyle – Living His Dream

There are few people in this world who have turned their dream into reality; custom sawmiller Owen Burns is one…

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Portable sawmill in New Zealand

The most cost-effective way of playing with wood

Mike Candy bought his 1990 Peterson Standard Frame mill in 1996. He worked as an Operational Forester for almost a…

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Harris Sawing Equipment in South Africa

Sawing Equipment in South Africa – Harris Sawing Equipment

South African company, Harris Sawing Equipment cc have partnered with New Zealand manufacturer, Peterson Portable Sawmills to supply high quality, durable…

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Apologetic gift of Wine

Stuff-up of the Year!

Ok so we are real human beings. We make mistakes… sometimes. Someone didn’t tell someone else something, and a part…

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