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Peterson Portable Sawmill Press Releases

Peterson Portable Sawmill press releases relate to a number of topics including product changes or upgrades, trade show schedules, new Agent or Representative announcements among other releases of interest. We share these with our operators and enquiries to keep you fully informed about the goings on with our company, and with the timber, forestry and sawmill industry.

The following are either published by Peterson Portable Sawmills or on behalf of the company by worldwide publications. If you have any questions about the stories linked below, please email: marketing@petersonsawmills.com and we will endeavour to assist you.

Peterson Sander for Sawmill

Sawmill Sander Disc for Peterson Portable Sawmills

The Peterson sawmill sander is designed to provide your milled product with a perfectly smooth surface. The first step for…

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Harris Sawing Equipment in South Africa

Sawing Equipment in South Africa – Harris Sawing Equipment

South African company, Harris Sawing Equipment cc have partnered with New Zealand manufacturer, Peterson Portable Sawmills to supply high quality, durable…

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Harris Sawing Equipment

Sawmill Distributor in South Africa – Peterson Portable Sawmills

PETERSON SIGN NEW  SAWMILL DISTRIBUTOR IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 21 2016 New Zealand manufacturers Peterson Portable Sawmills…

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Harris Sawing Equipment - Agents for Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmills South Africa Relaunch – August 2015

Peterson Portable Sawmills are planning a relaunch of their products in the African market. Michael Harris of Harris Sawing Equipment…

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Kerris and Chris Browne of Peterson Sawmills

Peterson Sawmills’ US prices at four year low

The fluctuating exchange rate is currently in favour of customers in the USA so Peterson Sawmills are offering their products…

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The Great Peterson Sawmill Demo Day 2015

Sawmillers to demonstrate the innovation of portable swingblade mills. New Zealand company, Peterson Portable Sawmills set to showcase product range…

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Peterson’s PNG Agent AGMARK LTD

In a part of the world unique for its tropical vibrancy, rich resources, and internal turmoil, who would have guessed…

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The Buffalo Woodworking Show

By Layla Robinson Creative Wood NZ – March 2007 I had only been working in the timber industry for four…

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2006 in Retrospect

by Kerris Browne Well I could talk about all the successes the company had this year; how many hundreds of…

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Hakmet announced as Peterson’s Canadian Agent – ARCHIVED

Petersons are very pleased to announce Hakmet as their new distributor in Canada. While its main office is located in…

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