Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Owners’ Stories

Below are some very interesting stories from mill owners around the world.

Terrific Timbers' Dennis Hoover Miller

Slabber Mill Story, Dennis Hoover – Cutting a big slice of history

Slabber mill story from the Danbury, CT News Times; Friday May 4th 2012. DANBURY — Sawdust flew through the air…

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Don Gerardo does most of the Peterson milling in Ecuador

Project Ecuador: Sustainable Harvesting Made Viable

EcoMadera finds sustainable harvesting success with Peterson No clear-felling, no ugly scars to the landscape, no erosion, no dirty rivers,…

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Greg Gianas – The Veteran Woodworker

The story of Greg Gianas, war veteran, teacher, writer and woodworker.

Wilkins Tree Farm – Custom Sawmilling with Russel Wilkins

Russell Wilkins owns a tree farm and a WPF – Perfect match

The Peterson has everything Scot Postle was looking for

Scot Postle built his children the ultimate play set

It’s everything that I wanted

Bryce McIntosh has established a successful furniture business.

It’s an awesome machine, says Robert Mansell

Robert Mansell now has freedom, running his own business

I’ve never had one board returned

Bellbird Fall Timbers custom mill Australian hardwoods.

Rich Thompson: The Peterson mill is exactly what I need

Rich Thompson has built his own house, barn and solar kiln.

Without the Peterson, it would be impossible

Frank Sanders has built a training center in Papua New Guinea.