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Kiwi farmer catches the sawdust bug

On a bright sunny day in December, sawdust flew through the air in a suburban area of Rotorua New Zealand, as Peterson Portable Sawmills put their new product the Junior Peterson (JP) through its paces....

A Star Rises from the Sawdust

An interview with Marlena Martin, written by Kerris Browne We all see the attractive models used to promote machinery. But do those models actually work for the company? And have you ever seen one who...

Milling Tips for New Sawmillers

There are many experienced millers here at Petersons. I wondered what their best milling tips would be for new sawmillers. So I asked each of them “If I was new to the milling industry and asked...

Building a DIY Compost Bin

Tom Roberts from Portland, Oregon USA recently built a DIY compost bin using a plan from Lowe’s.com How-To Libary. Composting is a great way of reusing your kitchen scraps and garden rubbish and it’s fantastic...

How to build a Garden Bench

Want to enjoy the summer sun weather? This month’s Peterson Project is to build a DIY garden bench where you can enjoy as much sun as you want in comfort. This bench should take around...

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