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Clip On Slabber Chainsaw Mill

Complimentary accessory for valuable products with the Clip On Slabber Chainsaw Mill

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Natural and straight edge slabs are more popular than ever and can be worth up to double the value of dimensional lumber! Slabs make eye-catching features as dining and board room tables, benches, bar tops and shelving.

Peterson Portable Sawmills have made slabbing simple with our Clip On Slabber chainsaw mill, enabling you to cut slabs within the solid frame of your Peterson Sawmill. 

The result is a slab that is the same thickness throughout, with a finish that requires very little sanding to achieve a perfectly smooth end-product.

Slabs have become more sought-after in the past few years with over 60% of sawmill purchasers opting for the Clip On Slabber to compliment their dimensional mill. 

chainsaw wood mill

Fit your Peterson Chainsaw Mill to the following mills

Cut timber slabs up to

  • 5′ (1.5m) wide
  • 8″ (20cm) thick
  • 13′ (4m) to unlimited length (depending on your mill’s tracks)

Chainsaw mill bar length

  • 72″ for standard mills
  • 50″ for small frame mills
  • 44″ for the Junior Peterson

Chainsaw mill chain type

  • 404 ripping chain OR
  • 404 multi-skip tooth chain

Set up time

  • 30-60 minutes initially
  • 10-15 minutes thereafter

Clip-on slabber priced from $1700 (NZD)*

*Portable sawmill accessories: prices exclude freight, delivery, clearance and taxes at the time of print. Prices frequently change due to currency fluctuations and may differ depending on your location. For updated prices, please contact our office.

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