Peterson Portable Sawmills

The history of Peterson Sawmills in New Zealand

New Zealand sawmill manufacturers, Peterson Portable Sawmills, have a proud past based on innovation and ingenuity. Here’s some of the Peterson history.

Peterson’s sawmills are a product of 30 years of creative design and practical know-how. We have invented a machine that combats the issues of portability, durability, limited cut sizes, blade costs, and time efficiency.

Under the brand PETERSON PORTABLE SAWMILLS, Petersons Global Sales Ltd manufacture the Peterson range of equipment and cover all relevant warranties. They also dispatch to the end-users.

A Note from the CEO

Kerris building a deck at her home, Aria's Farm

Kerris building a deck at her home.

In the beginning it was cold dips in the creek, barefoot hikes to the bus smelly outside toilets, and acres and acres of trees everywhere. At nine years old I spent my afternoons building playhouses amongst the trees. There were rarely any nails in those days – I quickly learned off the Fijian kids which vines were flexible and durable for lashing my poles together. And I oiled the hide off a steer for a cover – it got a bit soft in heavy rains, but it sure was watertight. So that was my private retreat where I played shop with the native kids.

Thirty years later, I’ve come full circle. My kids are now getting cold feet in the creek, digging holes in the sand, chasing chickens up the bank, and gnawing on home-grown pork. But I am still building playhouses. I’ve done the real houses, nice ones too. But these are more fun. There’s always a little bit of kid left in you, even when you grow up. But I’ve got something else now too. It’s a disease called Sawdustitis. And it’s incurable.

If you’ve ever hand-sawn a board to make something, or hung out the car window ogling at a pile of logs, or dreamed of that “someday” log cabin in the woods, you’ll know what I mean. The difference is that I’ve turned that into a reality. A business and people that I love, that makes machines that you love, and that helps you turn your dreams into reality too.

Today we promote a range of the most versatile portable sawmills in the world. From the highlands of PNG to the snow peaks of Alaska, we make machines for purposes, for practicality, and for dreams. And we continue to lead the world in innovation, listening to your needs and making it easier than ever to achieve them.

The finished deck and fishpond at Aria's Farm

Kerris’s finshed deck that she built.

Our company motto is simple – “To make a difference to our customers and staff”. Don’t expect the usual when you ring us. We listen, care, help, encourage, show gratitude, and even apologise. And we spread Sawdustitis. Next thing you know, your neighbour will be over asking you to saw something for him. Free logs will mysteriously appear on your doorstep. The kids will start begging for a… wait for it… playhouse!

So don’t look for a cure – just go on sharing it around. Sawdustitis feels GREAT.