Electric Winch

Save time and work smarter, not harder

portable sawmill Electric Winch

download pdfThe electric winch for vertical sizing is easily fitted to Peterson’s Winch Production Frame and Dedicated Wide Slabber mills, or may be used as an upgrade if you have purchased an earlier model. This allows the operator to remain at their normal operating station when lowering or raising for the next cut. The operator can also line up the first cut much easier, as he can visually sight down the log at the same time. This saves extra walking to the winch and back, when lining up a log.

Save time operating the manual winch and making vertical adjustments with the electric winch, enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

Electric winch priced from $1980 (NZD)*

electric winch

“With the electric winch I now gain at least one hour of milling time per day.”

– Jim Whitaker, Australia

*Portable sawmill accessories: prices exclude freight, delivery, clearance and taxes at the time of print. Prices frequently change due to currency fluctuations and may differ depending on your location. For updated prices, please contact our office.