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We don't oversell

A letter from our Owner

Peterson Portable Sawmills design and manufacture the best range of portable swing blade sawmills on the market today and stand behind our products 100%.

Our customers tend to be those who have done their research. They’ve read information from different manufacturers, they’ve watched videos online, seen photos, read articles, talked to other buyers, compared results and even visited mill owners. Their sawmill is an investment and business, as well as a lifestyle choice. It’s important to them to get the right machine, once. And they don’t suffer hot-air sales pitches.

That’s why, when they’re ready to purchase, they’ll call us. Because they know by now that Peterson doesn’t oversell. We’re totally honest, we send you to an owner for the ‘real’ feedback. We don’t speed up operating videos, and we don’t boost unrealistic cutting speeds.

We’ve got the superior product that’s as efficient as it is robust, and after-sales assistance that’s more of a friendship than a service.

Don't take our word for it

Speak to Peterson owners in your area

If you’re researching a sawmill purchase, the best people to speak to are those who operate the machines on a regular basis. The millers in our Owner’s Network have made themselves available to you to ask questions by phone or email, and some of them even offer private demos and open days at their milling sites.

Can't find an owner on the map?

Some owners aren't publicly listed. Reach out to us, we'll check our records and connect you with owners in your area.

A cut above the rest

Peterson Portable Sawmills are the passion and livelihood of thousands of sawmillers worldwide

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Sawmill Business Advice

We believe you can never stop learning! Here are some articles to help take your wood business to the next level!

Peterson Owner Stories

Discover first-hand feedback from Peterson mill owners in the field who have the most intriguing stories to share on their journey to milling/woodworking as a career.

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Looking for our sawmill prices?

Peterson Portable Sawmills manufacture and export worldwide from our factory in Rotorua, New Zealand. Encountering fluctuating freight, raw materials, currencies and export costs, therefore we have tailored pricelists pertaining to each country.
We also have over 40 different mill configurations to suit all applications, so it often helps to call and speak to us about your particular needs.

If you would like to recieve a copy of our digital Info Pack and Price List, please click here.