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Tis the season, summer holidays

Kerris Browne
Ash and Kerris celebrating before staff take their summer holidays

Ash and Kerris celebrating before Peterson Portable Sawmills staff take their summer holidays

‘Tis the season for outdoor summer festivities in New Zealand, and the Peterson team have been winding down for the holidays.

On Thursday, everyone including part-timers and except Paul – who is holidaying on the other side of the world – came into the factory headquarters for pot-luck barbecue lunch and to exchange Santa gifts. As usual, pot-luck means plenty of food – green salad, pasta salad, cauliflower salad, sausages and beef patties, steamed pudding and cheesecake, strawberries, chocolate dipping sauce, doughnuts, chocolate sampler box – and all sixteen staff had a present from a “secret Santa”.


Chris and I are going to Australia for a break while the factory is closed. Secret Santa gave me a pair of Australian flag sunglasses and an Australian bush hat so I’ll fit right in to the Australian outback.

Ash testing his vision at Petersons before summer holidays

Ash testing his vision before his wedding day on Saturday

Ash is getting married to his true love on Saturday. Secret Santa gave him a metal sign which reads, “This is a MAN CAVE, not a Family Room.” We’re keen to hear whether he gets permission to put the sign up inside the house … or whether it goes straight into the shed.

Whatever’s happening at your place, I’m hoping you have plenty of time to spend with family and loved ones this Christmas, enjoy the sun or snow that you’re expecting, and stay safe. Catch up with you again in mid-January when we’re back from our summer Christmas holidays.

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