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Peterson Sawmillers Business Directory

Many Peterson Portable Sawmill owners purchased their mill to start custom sawing, tree service, or furniture businesses. We present a map of some of our self-employed owners around the world who run their businesses with the help of their Peterson mill.

Equipment and Portable Sawmill Finance

At Peterson Portable Sawmills, we understand the importance of securing top notch financing to help you grow your business. For your benefit, we’ve established partnerships with selected finance companies. Get in touch with them for your financing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions       

Have you browsed our website and still have some questions? You might find the answers on our FAQ page, but if not, please send your question through to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Not sure what “ripping” means? Or what the milling abbreviation “DBH” stands for? Look it up in our glossary!

Board Foot Calculator & Measurement Converter

As Peterson deals with customers from around the world, some of the measurements used on our website or brochures will need to be converted into local measurements. Easily perform a number of standard measurement conversions, including calculating board foot.

Tree Dictionary                              

Peterson sawmills are designed to easily cut through a large range of log varieties. They handle both softwoods and hardwoods. In our Tree Dictionary you’ll find a selection of tree species often used on Peterson sawmills. The listings include their range, characteristics and common purpose.

Website Links                                         

Peterson Portable Sawmills work with a range of different companies to improve the overall experience for our customers. We also endorse a number of products, and recommend other services and sites.

Projects for your Peterson Portable Sawmill

If you’re looking for projects for your Peterson Portable Sawmill, make this your first stop! In this section we publish tips, tricks and plans for creating furniture, crafts and structures using lumber cut from your sawmill.