Peterson Portable Sawmills

CE Certification

Safety is paramount at Peterson Portable Sawmills. We are continually striving to make our product the safest in the world. It is for this reason that we have applied for, and received CE certification on all standard ASM, WPF and ATS mills.

This is the highest internationally recognised standard for safety compliance, and also allows us to export our sawmills into Europe.

In order to attain CE certification companies must comply with all relevant legislation as compiled by the European Commission, and accepted by countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

sawmill safety featuresAs part of the compliance process technical assessments are made by qualified engineers on the construction and mechanics of the mill, the operation of the mill, risk assessments etc etc.

We saw working towards the attainment of CE certification as an integral part of our quality and control process. Achieving CE certification without having to change the design or the way our mills work, is testament to how safe Peterson sawmills already were. We were asked however, to make a few additions to our mills in order for approval.

The additions include a handle which makes it easier to push or pull the blade through the log. An emergency stop button has also been added with emphasis on accessibility and high visibility, to stop the blade in six seconds. Three extra safety guards have also been placed around the moving parts of the mill, including one for double cutting.

Petersons have also upgraded their horizontal sizing wheel with one which is more robust. By simply turning the wheel, the centre unit moves swiftly and easily across the bed to set up for the next horizontal cut.

All standard Peterson sawmills leaving the factory now come with CE certification. Most existing sawmills can also be upgraded to attain CE certification.