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The affordable portable sawmill - packed with features, production milling capability and unbeatable versatility

Junior Peterson Sawmill (JP)

Max Standard Cut

6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm)

Max Double Cut

4" x 12" (102mm x 305mm)

Max Log Diameter

3' (914.4mm)

Log Length (Standard)

13' (4m)

Product Description

The JP (Junior Peterson) is the perfect solution for part time sawyers – an afordable portable sawmill with production milling capability. Ideal for customers who are wanting to cut their own lumber for home and farm projects. Competitively priced, solid in structure, productive and portable. The JP is a small portable sawmill, designed as a simplified version of the WPF (Winch Production Frame) and utilising the same ‘Lo/Lo’ track sections that are positioned parallel to each other at ground level.

With an operating foot print of 129square feet (12 square meters), and  a weight of just 207kg plus tracks, the JP is a small portable sawmill, with the ability to be transported on the deck of a pick up/ute or on a trailer. It is simple for one person to use and produces top quality dimensional lumber straight off the mill.

You can double cut up to 4″ x 12″ (102mm x 305mm) with the Junior Peterson Swingblade, or with the addition of a Peterson Clip On Chainsaw Slabber, you can turn your swingblade into a portable slabber, capable of producing slabs up to 3′ (915mm) in width and 6″ (152mm) thick! This functionality and versatility truly renders the JP as the best small portable sawmill available on the market.

Differing from the rest of Peterson’s Portable Sawmill range, the JP utilises steel finished in a zinc and powder coating. More economical in comparison, the result is robust piece of equipment with a lower price point.


Weatherboard Feature Built-in

Exclusive to the Junior Peterson, is the ability to cut weather boards, angled boards, lap siding, bevel siding, splay cut or clapboard straight off the mill. Variation in angles is allowed to ensure you can change the thickness, width, and pitch of the boards you require.

The Homesteader's Best Friend

Built for one or two person miling, Peterson owners all accross the world love their Junior Petersons for the production of timber to build housing, sheds, fencing, bridges and more. The versatility of the Junior Peterson can result in a quick return on investment and materials to last a lifetime.

Small Footprint, Big Benefits

The Junior Peterson is a small portable sawmill, with an operating foot print of 129square feet (12 square meters), and the mill istelf measures 5.67′ (1.73m) x 3.7′ (1.14m) x 6.85′ (2.1m) with a weight of just 207kg plus tracks.
Allowing easy transport on the back of almost any ute/pick-up or trailer, giving you the ability to transport your sawmill to logs practically anywhere.

Produce high value slabs

It is possible to Double Cut up to 4″ x 12″ (102mm x 305mm) with the Junior Peterson Swingblade, or with the addition of a Peterson Clip On Chainsaw Slabber, you can turn your swingblade into a portable slabber, capable of producing slabs up to 3′ (915mm) in width and 6″ (152mm) thick!

Single Point Height Adjustment

Petersons single point height adjustment system allows the operator to lower all four corners of the mill equally from one position at the operator’s end of the mill, saving time and improving accuracy. Especially important for saving time walking around when milling alone.

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The Peterson Edge

With every Peterson Sawmill you get over 30 years of innovation, quality and high performing features

Accurate, Safe Sizing

All Peterson Portable Sawmills left/right sizing system is run by chain and sprocket, with a turning handle and lock. So that means it will only move when you unlock it, and you can position the sizing very accurately to within 1mm. No slippage, and top accuracy for every board.

Durable, Low Maintenance Blades

Our Peterson Blades last for 2-6 years with normal use and maintenance. However, some swing blade sawmill owners have been using the same blades for over 10 years! To decrease downtime, the Peterson blade can be sharpened while it is still on the mill; in less than 10 minutes, and without having to remove any guards.

Elevated Engines with Cyclonic Air Filters

We mount our sawmill engines higher than other manufacturers to ensure the air filter intake is further away from the sawdust output, helping prevent sawdust build up and overheating of the motor. Specifying Cyclonic Air Filters to separate clean air from debris and liquids also helps to improve the lifespan of your engine, with the added bonus that these filters last up to three times longer than standard duty filters.

Built to Last

All Peterson Sawmills are manufactured in our Rotorua, New Zealand factory and come standard with a 24-month return-to-factory warranty on the frame which includes all bed framing, track and carriage material manufactured by Petersons Global Sales Limited. We also offer an extended five-year frame warranty. This option can be included at time of purchase.

Product Specifications

Blade Size (Radius)6"
Maximum Standard Cut6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm)
Maximum Double Cut4" x 12" (102mm x 305mm)
Maximum Log Diameter3' (914.4mm)
Maximum Log Length (Standard)13' (4m)
Track Length (Standard)18.7' (5.7m)
Unlimited Track LengthYes
Portable Sawmill Dimensions (Excluding Track)5.67' (1.73m) x 3.7' (1.14m) x 6.85' (2.1m)
Operational Footprint (Standard)6.9' (2.1m) x 18.7' (5.7m)
Portable Sawmill Weight456lb (207kg)
Shipping DimensionsCrate: 7' (2.15m) x 3.6' (1.1m) x 2' (600mm)
Tracks: 6.7" (170mm) x 6.7" (170mm) x 18.7' (5.7m)
Shipping WeightSawmill: 738lb (335kg)
Tracks: 156lb (71kg)
Frame MaterialSteel
Track MaterialAluminium + Steel Components
Electric StartYes
Electric WinchNo
Motor OptionsHonda 12hp
Vanguard 14hp
Electric 3 Phase 7.5kw

Recommended Accessories

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The perfect portable sawmill accessory for accurate milling and peace of mind

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