Thin kerf blade with all the benefits of circular saw technology for high-value timbers

MicroKerf Blade Kit

Product Description

This ultra thin blade can reduce the kerf to a tiny 4mm, and is the first of its kind in the portable sawmilling market. It minimizes the wastage of valuable wood and maximizes the amount of quality, useable timber produced from each log.

The Peterson MicroKerf Blade Kit uses a specialized large boss that stabilizes the ultra thin blade plate and is easily interchangeable with your existing Peterson blade. Because of the larger boss, the blades have a reduced clear surface area, meaning that both 8” and 10” blades have a 6” cut depth.


Reduced Waste

With such a small kerf for a circular blade, the MicroKerf blade is ideal for intricate, high-value timbers where every mm counts!

Easy Installation

Using the supplied boss kit, the MicroKerf blade can be swapped in place of the standard Peterson Blade in just a few minutes.

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High Value Milling
These blades are particularly useful in hardwoods as they take smaller bites more frequently, resulting in a smoother cut as well as providing greater recovery. The Peterson MicroKerf Blade fits all the latest 8” and 10” Peterson Mills and has been successfully trialled on Rimu, Gum, Macrocarpa, Redwood and Pine. The MicroKerf blade  is not recommended to be used on Poplar or similar fibrous timbers
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