Dedicated Wide Slabber (DWS) – A Portable Chainsaw Mill

Produce high value slabs fast, with minimal effort

The Dedicated Wide Slabber (DWS) is not a swingmill sawmill like the rest of the range; its sole purpose is to cut logs into high value wide slabs using a chainsaw slabber style bar.

The Peterson DWS portable chainsaw mill comes complete with it’s own motor, bar and chain fitted within our large 1.8m (6ft) production frame. It allows a much faster speed ratio than other slabbers, using a 404 ripping chain, or a multi skip tooth chain. It is consequently easier to push, faster at cutting, uses less fuel, is less likely to burn your bar, and has a longer chain life.

If you already have a large frame Peterson mill and are wanting to produce slabs commercially, the DWS chainsaw slabber unit can sit on the other end of your existing portable sawmill tracks, (which may be extended); so that you can quickly change from dimensional sawing, to slabbing and back on the same log.


Single Point Sizing
On all ASM, WPF, JP and selected DWS frames, this system allows the operator to lower all four corners of the mill equally from one position meaning more accurate boards. The manual, single point winch system may be upgraded to electric on the WPF.

Rigid Track System – Unlimited Extensions Available
The Peterson JPWPFASM and DWS have all been designed with a track system which allows for unlimited track extensions (extensions available as optional extras). This allows for the best portable sawmill set up in the world – to fit a DWS and WPF on the same tracks to mill dimensional lumber and high value slabs at the same time from the same log! Check out Mark or Guy’s Set up.

Quality and Warranty
We manufacture the Peterson Portable Sawmill range using quality materials such as hand polished stainless steel and aluminum that make them virtually rust free. This also means the mills are robust in performance, and most importantly – have long-term durability in even the harshest conditions. Because we have faith in our manufacture, and we want you to as well, we offer a 2-year frame warranty on stainless and alloy frames manufactured by Peterson.



Chain404 Ripping Multi Skip Tooth
Motor Options
Kohler 27hp
Vanguard 28hp
Electric 3 Phase Brushless 15kw
Maximum Standard Depth Cut
12″ x 4' (300mm x 1200mm)
9"″ x 6'3" (230mm x 1900mm)
Log Diameter (Standard)*
5′ (1.5m)
Log Length (Standard)*
20′ (6m)
Supplied Track Length
13′ + 13′ (4.2m + 4.2m)
Maximum Track Length
Hi/Lo Tracks
Electric Winch
Automatic Feed
Giant Frame Upgrade
617lbs (280kg approx.)
Aluminium & Stainless Steel
Average production**
6-30 Slabs per hour

* Extendable with upgrade
** Production numbers may vary due to species and size of cut


Petersons have a range of portable sawmill accessories that are available for purchase at any time (model dependent). Our range of accessories have been designed to help increase production and add value to the lumber that comes off your mill.

Electric Winch
The electric winch allows touch button control of the track height. Not only does it make for faster resetting, but sizing is more accurate due to raising and lowering the tracks at the same time.

Hi/Lo Track System
The Hi/Lo tracks allow the operator to either load logs over the track on the low side, or roll logs under the high track, giving the utmost in versatility for mobile or fixed site applications.

Automatic Feed
The DWS can be upgraded to an automated slabbing machine when fit in the ASM track set-up. Upgrading to automation with the DWS is the most efficient way of getting accurate valuable slabs with minimal effort. If you’re looking for a chainsaw slabber that is reliable and powerful, there is nothing better than a Peterson DWS.

DWS In Action

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DWS Owners' Stories

When we don’t move dirt, we mill timber

New Zealander Mark Morrison always had a passion for sawmilling. He discovered his love for milling wood at the age of 15, when his first job introduced him to running a portable sawmill (a Mahoe Supermill) in Tongariro National Park. From a young age he also had a passion for earthmoving.

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Are portable sawmills worth it?

The trick in operating a successful small sawmill business is to find a niche and mill specialty lumber at a premium price. Jesse Kemp of Kemp Fine Woodworking has found such a niche cutting wide slabs as part of his woodworking/sawmill business in Springfield, Missouri.

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It's an awesome machine, says Robert Mansell

Robert Mansell is a man living his dream. The NZ based miller has created an enviable lifestyle of doing exactly what he wants – that is working with wood. Robert has combined custom milling, landscaping, furniture crafting and house construction into one megabusiness.

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Two mills working in tandem

Guy Jackson is a custom sawmiller and a maker. A maker of large outdoor/indoor tables, bench tops, bed frames… and wooden spoons. While working on a farm as a tractor driver, he started milling some of the logs that were lying around with an Alaskan mill.

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Petersons export worldwide from our factory in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Encountering fluctuating freight, raw materials, currencies and export costs, therefore we have tailored pricelists pertaining to each country. We also have over 40 different mill options to suit all applications, so it often helps to call and speak to us about your particular needs.
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