Re-tipping jig

Save time and money by re-tipping blades yourself

re-tipping sawblade diy

Peterson’s circular blades are made from high grade steel, and solid tungsten carbide tips. Leading blade technology means that Peterson blades require far less maintenance than other blades.

For most millers, it is a simple exercise to take their Peterson blade to a local saw doctor who can carry out any blade repairs quite cheaply and effectively. However, if access to a saw doctor is limited, and you have access to a gas welding set, you can purchase a re-tipping jig from us to re-tip your own blades.

saw blade retipping
(blade not included)

The Re-Tipping Jig holds your blade firmly in position and allows you to line up the new tips while heating. Your blade simply fits onto the boss, and a small block holds the tip in place while you weld it on.

Save time and money by re-tipping your own blades at your milling site or workshop. With the redesign of the Petersons re-tipping jig, re-tipping has never been easier.

saw blade re tips

saw blade tips


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