Weatherboard Attachment Kit

Cutting your own weatherboards has never been this easy

sawmill Weatherboard Attachment Kit

weatherboard attachment

Want to make your own tapered weatherboards? With Petersons Weatherboard Attachment Kit, this can be done with ease. The weatherboard attachment kit allows you to cut angled boards often referred to as lap siding, bevel siding, splay cut or clapboard.

It can be fitted to your modern WPF or ATS to set your sawblade to predetermined angles to cut such angled boards for siding. Variation in angles is allowed to ensure you can change the thickness, width, and pitch of the siding you require.

You can then use these siding boards for external wall cladding, allowing overlap to keep the weather out.

There are two main segments to the weatherboard attachment kit:

  • A larger, adjustable, removable stopper for the centre unit, to restrict the vertical blade to your required angle

  • An additional adjustable locking tab to lock the pivot handle to the new angled position

These parts weigh no more than 2lb/800 grams, and are easily installed with a spanner. Full installation and use instructions are supplied.

diy weatherboards


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