Wood Planer for a Peterson Portable Sawmill

Dress your wide boards and slabs with the Peterson Wood Planer Blade

Wood Planer for Peterson Portable Sawmill

A Peterson Wood Planer Blade is an integral tool for dressing wide beams and slabs cut with your Peterson Sawmill or Clip On Slabber. Cut and dress much larger beams than with any other sawmill, and maximise on the extra income that can be earned by custom sawmilling.

The Peterson Planer Blade is mounted in place of the standard mill blade on your JP, ATS, WPF or ASM and skims over your sawn timber or slab for planed results in just one pass!

It is perfect for thicknessing and levelling your slabs by removing any warps and ridges after drying.

Peterson Planer Blade

Wood Planer finish on Redwood Slabs - by Peterson Portable Sawmills