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This directory contains listings for used Peterson Sawmills for sale by their owners. Generally, the demand for a cheaper second hand Peterson is strong so often there are no listings.
We hold no responsibility for the accuracy of information given, or for the condition or price of the sawmills listed here. However, we do our best to assist millers who wish to sell their used sawmill equipment by providing this free listing.

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Current Listings:

Secondhand Peterson ASM for sale

ASM 10" 27hp Kohler

📍Proctor, WV, USA

$35,000 USD

Sawmill Information:

Deceased estate

2007 model with 253.3hrs

Kohler CH740S

10″ Blade


Seller's Details:

DWS 27hp Kohler Hi/Lo Tracks

📍 Shelburne Falls, MA, USA

$14,000 USD

Sawmill Information:

It has come time to pass my mill on to the next owner!

  • I am a full time woodworker, and I used the mill sporadically over the years to saw up slabs for the business.
  • It was purchased in 2008, and I would estimate around 500hr run time over the years.  (there were some years I did not mill at all.)
  • Stored under cover or indoors when not in use.
  • I would describe the mill in good condition, with normal wear.

Issues requiring TLC

  1. The e-stop is not connected.  Many years ago I had an electrical issue  with the starter, and the only way the guy who serviced it knew how to fix it was to disconnect the e-stop.  I believe this is not a big fix if you know what you are doing.
  2. End stop on one rail is broken.
  3. Choke handle tip is broken.
  4. Could use a new oiler tank and hose.  Current one is in place and works.

Other than that, the mill is good to go.  Did a whole bunch of sawing last fall, and it ran great.

To see more photos and videos of the mill, look me up on TikTok at @tomkuklinski.  I did a whole series of videos on there of me sawing.

Seller's Details:

ASM 10" Electric Motor

📍 Columbiana, AL, USA

$45,000 USD

Sawmill Information:

  • We ordered this in Jan 2021 and due to shipping issues received it and set it up in Dec 2021.
  • We were heating our farm with wood chips so our plan was to cut rough cut lumber with the ASM and turn the scrap into wood chips.
  • We’re converting away from wood chips so we won’t need the sawmill.  It has less than 20 hours on it.
  • It’s setup and running if you’d like to check it out.
  • We have it temporarily wired to a diesel genset [also for sale] but ideally you want to run it on 3 phase power.

Seller's Details:

Production Frame Large 8″ Hydraulic PTO Driven Hi/Lo Track

📍 Dunedin, New Zealand

$21,000 NZD

Sawmill Information:

Hydraulic power pack P.T.O driven. Originally powered by a diesel motor but have converted it to hydraulic which increased it to about 40 horsepower from 20. Big frame and rail length 2.5m wide by 8m long so you can fit a 6m log in no problem but height of log I’m not sure but big. Maximum 200mm x 200mm cut size or 8″ x 8″ and anything below.

Alloy and stainless construction so does not age and in great condition. All manual adjustment for adjusting down and sideways. Also comes with a heavy duty vertical log splitter with a ring lifter which connects to the hydraulic power pack. No trouble splitting, it has plenty of power and quiet as the tractor just ticks away. Contact me if you want to arrange to view. Also comes with 5 saw blades.

Just added 2 photos of the log splitter. You will see it is sitting in the horizontal position which you use for towing but when the hydraulics are connected there is a valve to turn on to bring it up to the vertical position.

If it’s sold local I am willing to put some time to help set up and get you in the right direction.

Seller's Details: