Peterson Sawmill Feature – Double Cutting Wide Boards & Timber Slabs

Double Cutting sawmill

A unique feature of all Peterson Portable Sawmills, is the ease of double cutting timber slabs by a single operator. A double cut is the joining of two horizontal cuts together to obtain a wider board or slab using both sides of the blade.

Unlike cheaper imitations, with the Peterson range there is no need to turn the mill to achieve the double cut.


Double Cutting Step-by-step

Double Cutting lumber

  • Step 1 On the log, estimate where you will be able to achieve the desired beam width.

  • Step 2 The unscrewing of two nuts will remove the sawdust deflector in preparation for double cutting.

  • Step 3 Remove waste from the left side of the log by performing a horizontal, then vertical cut.

  • Step 4 Push the mill through the first maximum horizontal cut. Once you are clear of the log, move the unit to the right to achieve your desired board width.

cutting planks out of trees

  • Step 5 Perform a vertical cut, establishing the right edge of the board.

  • Step 6 Pull the mill in the horizontal position, removing wastage from the right side of the log. This is achieved using the back (or left side) of the blade.

double width beam

  • Step 7 Before completing the double cut, suitably wedge the beam on the left side.

  • Step 8 Pull the mill through the final horizontal cut, using the left side of the blade and releasing your double width beam.


It’s that simple to cut wide beams with a Peterson Portable Sawmill!


double cutting lumber