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tragbare Sägewerke

Positive feedback from Germany on our engineering standards

Based in Germany, Georg Dettmer helps to run a custom sawing business, serving local customers by milling their trees into…

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Three Peterson staff and one new Winch Production Frame owner with owner's new WPF

Staff changes at Peterson Portable Sawmills

Changes are afoot. It’s been a busy three months for the people at Peterson’s. Here we are in March, saying…

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Michael Peterson from the Family Business - hand routed lettering for Aria's Farm

We are a Family Business

We have fourteen staff at Peterson’s and we very much consider ourselves a family business. Three of us are related…

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High Production Sawmill - Winch Production Frame

High Production Sawmill – 10/35 Winch Production Frame

Peterson Portable Sawmills’ manual high production sawmill is the Winch Production Frame – this one in particular, is fit with…

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When the going gets tough Peterson sawmills get going

Low Environmental Impact – High Social Impact A community training centre and teachers’ residence is slowly taking shape in the…

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“I did it my way”: Sawmiller living his dream with timber

Forest Logger & Sawmiller (AUS)

Taking the mill to the logs

Forest Logger & Sawmiller (AUS)

A beautiful cut

Forest Logger & Sawmiller (AUS)

Portable mill rings true for Bellbird

Forest Logger & Sawmiller (AUS)

A mill for all reasons

Forest Logger & Sawmiller (AUS)



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