Peterson Sawmill Training Worldwide

Even when you think you know all there is to know about operating a sawmill, you will enjoy the hands-on experience of swingmill training with one of our Peterson mill operators.

In your swingmill training, they will go through the set-up procedure and recommended safety-check-and-start routine with you, to familiarize you with Peterson’s swingblade design technology

We or one of our representatives will demonstrate and ensure you are confident about lining up the log and blade, making blade adjustments, and trouble-shooting any misalignments. You will gain a thorough understanding what needs to be modified to get the cut you want.

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Before you take your new Peterson mill home, we offer free* one-on-one swingmill training with a Peterson mill specialist at our New Zealand factory. Our specialist will demonstrate mill operation and ensure you establish good routines for setting up and operating your new mill.

We will show you the most efficient way to load your mill onto your vehicle or trailer, ensuring you have all the essentials for shifting and using the machine as a single operator. Training will also cover use of the sharpening jig.

We offer free*accommodation and breakfast at Aria’s Farm in Rotorua during the training period, as follows:

  • JP & DWS models: One night free accommodation
  • ATS & WPF models: Two nights free accommodation
  • ASM model: Three nights free accommodation

  • ASM Model only: Free* 8-hour training with a Peterson Mill Specialist at your site, anywhere in Australia
  • Other Models: Free* training with an existing local sawmiller via our Owner’s Network

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*Terms & Conditions apply

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