Peterson Portable Sawmills

Wood Sander for Peterson Portable Sawmills

Get the ultimate smooth finish with Peterson’s Wood Sander Disc Kit.

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Wood Sander for Peterson Portable Sawmill

Wood Sander Disc for Peterson Sawmill
"The sander is an essential item for anyone milling wood for big slab tables and bar tops." - Troy Swift, Swift River Pecans LLC

Peterson’s Sander Disc is ideal for adding the finishing touches on your high-end products like beams and slabs, leaving a fabulous almost-gloss finish.

The Sander Disc Kit includes a range of sandpaper grits and is designed to fit standard sandpaper discs available at your local hardware store!

The first step towards a splinter-free finish is to use the Peterson Planer Blade to smooth the slab or beam to a flat, even surface. When you’re ready to sand, it will only take a few minutes to bolt the sander head on and velcro your grit in place.

Let your sawmill do the hard work with Peterson’s Sander Disc Kit and Planer Blade!

Fit your Peterson Sander Disc to:
Install Time:
  • Under five minutes
Wood Sander Disc Priced from $240 (NZD)*

Peterson Sander for Sawmill

*Portable sawmill accessories: prices exclude freight, delivery, clearance and taxes at the time of print. Prices frequently change due to currency fluctuations and may differ depending on your location. For updated prices, please contact our office.