Taking versatility to the next level, dress slabs without requiring additional equipment

Planer Blade

Product Description

The Peterson Planer Blade isn’t just a tool; it’s like having a trusted partner in your woodworking journey, always there to ensure your slabs and beams are perfectly dressed and ready for whatever project you have in mind.


Imagine this: you’ve spent hours carefully sawing timber or slabs, only to find some annoying warps and ridges spoiling your hard work. That’s where the Peterson Planer Blade steps in to save the day! It seamlessly fits onto your Peterson Swingblade Sawmill, becoming your go-to companion for effortlessly smoothing out those imperfections in just one swift pass.


The best feature about the Peterson Planer Blade is its simplicity. No complicated setups or endless adjustments needed. Just swap out your standard sawmill blade, and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re working on a massive project or crafting intricate designs, this blade has your back. It tackles wide beams and slabs like a pro, leaving you with flawlessly planed surfaces every time.


Easy Installation

Simply remove your blade to be replaced with the Planer Blade and you’re away!

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Peterson Planer Blade
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Flattening Dried Slabs
Forget about DIY router tables and hours of hand planing. With Peterson’s Planer Blade, you can flatten slabs fast! Simply swap out the saw blade for the planer boss and blade and you’re away laughing!
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