Easily cut angled boards, lap siding, bevel siding, splay cut or clapboard straight off the mill

Weatherboard Attachment Kit

Product Description

With Peterson’s Weatherboard Attachment Kit, making your own tapered weatherboards can be done with ease. It can be fitted to all modern Peterson WPF or ATS Swingblade Sawmills (Standard feature on the Junior Peterson) to set your sawblade to predetermined angles, enabling you to cut such boards – often referred to as lap siding, bevel siding, splay cut or clapboard in regions around the world.


Light Weight Addition

Petersons are known world wide for the high quality, light weight design and fabrication of our sawmills and accessories. The Weatherboard Attachment Kit is no exception- weighing in at just 2lb/800g

Quick and Easy to Install

Supplied with instructions, operators need only a spanner to fit this attachment before they can get back to milling straight away

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Shed & Cabin Building
Pictured here, is Nova Scotia based Horst Puff. Horst started his shed building journey with a Junior Peterson (which has a built in weatherboard feature). As demand for his sheds and Lumber grew, Horst upgraded to a WPF with a Weather Board Attachment Kit, alowing him to reliably produce consistent weather boards for his customers sheds all day long.
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